Packing Tips

Check Out These Packing Tips

Mover hired? Moving day picked? Dreaded packing is all that is left! Well, gear up with packing boxes, Styrofoam and tape and let us help you make that mission a success with these insider packing tips!

Pack With A Plan

Start with out-of-season items. Next, move on to things that are used infrequently. Finally, throw inPacking tips a basement or cellar pack marathon here and finish with the things you will need until packing day.

Label with A Room

Make sure each box is labeled with what it contains but also with what room it belongs in in the new house. This helps the movers and family members work as one united team and prevents boxes from getting lost.

Essentials Bag

Make sure to have a bag of items that you will need until moving day and directly upon moving in to your new home. Include medicine, extra clothing, medical records, a few utensils, pet food (if necessary), and people food to keep the whole family happy.

Packed Similar Items Together

Do not pack breakables with heavy cast iron pots. This will minimize damage. Most of all, mark moving boxes with breakable items, “Breakable – Be careful!” in several places.

Utilize Clothes!

Save packing material by using soft, malleable clothes around breakables. Furthermore, you can even use socks inside glasses for extra protection. Just make sure they are clean first!

Saran Wrap is Your Friend

Saran wrap is used for so many things when moving! For example, place some over toiletries to add an extra seal to bottles or wrap around a jewelry board to keep everything in place.

Choose the Right Size Box

Remember that you do have to move the box so put heavier items (books) in smaller boxes and lighter items (pillows and linen) in larger boxes.

Pack Heavy First

Make sure to pack heavier items at the bottom with lighter items on top; then the lighter items will not be squished.

Tape Well

One piece of tape is not enough. Make sure to tape all seams on the box and a couple of pieces all the way around the box to ensure that the stress will not make the box break.

Picture Perfect

Items that need to be assembled exactly as they were should be photographed. Items like TV and computer cords, pictures on the wall, spice cupboard, etc., are easier to reassemble when you don’t have to rely on your memory!

Make Open First Box Clear

Purchase a few clear plastic organizers at the store and make sure items you may need straight away are packed in those. Furthermore, it will help to see what they contain, instead of unwrapping loads of boxes when you first move in causing undue clutter and stress.

Most of all, remember that packing is a time to lighten your load and free your mind! Follow these packing tips and your packing will be a sure success!

Want more suggestions? Check out our Moving Resources or Moving Checklist pages!

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