Student Movers Is a Member Of The AMLPA

Student Movers is now a member of the AMLPA.

About the AMLPA

The AMLPA is a non-profit organization designed to oversee and organize the moving labor services industry. The moving labor industry is a fairly new market segment of the moving industry however its exponential growth over the years mandates that an organization must provide structure to the industry.

Similar to the AMSA (American Moving and Storage Association) that oversees the full service moving industry, the AMLPA is designed to provide certifications, guidelines, compliance and a level of consistent quality not yet available in the moving labor services industry. The primary reason for the lack of structure is that the industry itself is new and the dust has yet to settle. As with any large industry, consumers need a certain level of recourse and industry professionals across the nation need a trade association for support and compliance.

Mission Statement
The goal of the American Moving Labor Professionals Association is to provide a high level of quality within the moving labor services industry. To create industry awareness of our services and ensure that consumers are received a quality service. As with any trade organization, the AMLPA will require certification of moving labor companies by verifying license, insurance, local and state compliance and quality of work.

The AMLPA will provide industry professionals with compliance measures, resources for business growth, marketing assistance and assistance with legal matters. The AMLPA will provide consumers with dispute resolution, qualified member listings and information on the moving labor services industry and how they can benefit from the service.


Pricing List

Full Service Pricing



Plus DDT, +30%


Plus DDT, +30%


Plus DDT, +30%


Plus DDT, +30%

Excludes A Nominal 30% Fuel Charge, Per Truck. Mandatory 8 Hr Min For Same Day Moves/Bookings + Additional $150 Same Day Rush Charge And Any Other Applicable Fees. 4Hrs Minimum. Anything Over Will Be Billed At The Applicable Booked Rates For Service. In Addition, 5% Will Be Billed Per Man For Anything Over 8Hrs.


Additional 3% Processing Fee For All Moves And Additional Fees Apply After 8 Hours. There Is Also An Additional $30 Fee If You Have 2+ Crew On Your Job.

Labor Only Pricing






Labor Only Fee + $30 travel charge


What is a DDT?

DDT sounds like you’re being charged double for drive time but that’s a mistake! The California Public Utilities Commission requires all moving companies to charge DDT on hourly rated moves. DDT means you are charged for the time between the old house (origin) and the new house and the moving company is responsible for the drive time between the warehouse and the origin. DDT actually SAVES you money!

One Hour Arrival Time

Please allow a one hour window for the movers to arrive. Example: 9am-10am

Full Terms & Conditions

The information you provide on the form above is strictly confidential. Your name, e-mail address, or any of the information you provide is NEVER sold, rented, loaned, or made available to anyone outside our organization.

Terms & Conditions
I confirm that by setting an appointment with Student Movers, Inc. that I have read and understand that I’m entering into a legally binding contract with Student Movers, Inc. for moving service.

Cancellation Fee

Cancellation fee of $150 (per a 2 man crew) when order was not cancelled within 72 hours before the move. 4 man crew is $300 cancellation fee. Mandatory 8 hr min for same day moves/bookings + additional $150 same day rush charge and any other applicable fees. I authorize Student Movers, Inc. to assign any charges associated with services to my credit card account I provide prior to the move and/or for any cancellation fee, when 72hrs notice was not given prior to the move date.Bids accepted are non-refundable for long distance moves.

Weight Requirements

Any item that weighs over 250 lbs or requires special equipment may be subject to an additional charge. Please be sure you let us know about any bulky or heavy items before your movers arrive.

2 Days Notice

Please plan for two days in advance and make sure to select the time you prefer so that we can give you priority. Two days notice is recommended, yet we can accommodate same day moves depending on our schedule.